Does Your Company Have a Story?


Before I was taken over by expensive Hugo Boss suits and the boring life of a consultant, I wore flip flops and dirty clothes and spent my life driving around with an old and crappy Lada from the 80’s. It was painted black with red flames and decorated with chrome skulls. This beautiful piece of human technology certainly had…

Take a Chance and Be Creative


When was the last time you were wrong about something? Did you tell anyone about it? Probably you didn’t as people tend to be afraid of being wrong. We most likely avoid it whenever possible and if we ever notice we’re wrong, we try everything not to be revealed.

Constant fear of being wrong can be very harmful, because this…

What REALLY Works?


Management is the big thing of the last century. It has come all the way from Fredrick Taylor to Peter Drucker and finally, to today´s pop psychology. But what really works in management? Or is this ”art of getting things done” just a bubble when everything just depends on the context where management actually happens?

Management has its sceptics –…

How can we make better choices in life?


In 1985 the president of Intel, Andy Grove, faced a very difficult choice to make: should they stop the business with memory chips. For a while the company had been the world´s only source of memory chips and the whole business had been built on memory devices.

Meanwhile, one Intel team had developed a new product, the microprocessor, which IBM…

Do Good, Make a Difference And Be Happy!


Christmas is the season of giving and doing good. That´s the way it has been for us at Nordic Business Forum – and it has been a good thing for us.

It was this time of the year in 2010 when we sat down as a crew and watched together an inspirational DVD about Blake Mycoskie and his unique business,…