The Leadership Secrets of Manchester United Legend Sir Alex Ferguson


The host of BBC ”CEO Guru” Steve Tappin has been studying the leadership secrets of the most successful football manager in the history.

He published a list of Sir Alex´s leadership secrets. Here is a list of his seven leadership secrets, which I summarized to a sentence or two. It’s good to know that Sir Alex has some credibility concerning leadership….

Arnold Schwarzenegger – A Man of Many Talents

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Some people have wondered what Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing at a high quality business seminar. He is well-known for being a great bodybuilder and movie star but has he really something to tell for business audience as well?

The answer is: Yes, he surely has. If you haven’t read his book Total Recall, I strongly recommend you to do…

Are You Living up to Your Full Potential?


Aiming at Excellence in Customer Service – This is the second part of the blog series in which we explore what kind of people do the world’s best customer service.

All human beings are born as entrepreneurs” is a famous quote by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. This quote doesn’t necessarily mean that we…

Building up Great Customer Experience


Aiming at Excellence in Customer Service – This is a first part of a blog series in which we explore how to achieve the world’s best customer service.

It goes without saying that customers are the most important part of a business. Without customers companies die out. When considering the customer point of view, it is not only products or…

Growth Is Not the Solution to the Problem


I attended an unbelievably good four-day intensive business administration course in late March in Austin, Texas. The trainer throughout the four full days was Keith Cunningham. Keith is a really successful entrepreneur from Texas. He made fortunes in Cable-TV and real estate businesses already in his twenties. As these are very capital intensive businesses, he went bankrupt in the…